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請清楚列明收入和 GST 數目
請清楚列明支出和 GST 數目 (包括工作相關比率)
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I declare that all the information provided above is true and correct, and I understand the tax law imposes heavy penalties for giving false or misleading information. I have all the necessary receipts and records to evidence my claims for deductions. I authorised ELTAX to lodge my activity statement. 我聲明,上述所有提供的信息是真實的,正確的. 我理解稅法規定對提供虛假或誤導性信息重罰. 我擁有所有必要的收據和記錄, 以證明我的工作開支. 我授權ELTAX遞交我的申報表.

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