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Unreported Tax Obligation (ATO)

Lodgment Year Selection 申報年份勾選

Declaration and Terms 聲明和條款

I declare that all information provided above is true and correct, and I understand that there are severe penalties under tax law for providing false or misleading information. I confirm that I had no income or my income was below the tax-free threshold for the above-mentioned financial years, and therefore, no tax return is required to be lodged. I authorize ELTAX to file my tax return.
我聲明以上提供的所有信息都是真實和正確的,並且我理解稅法對提供虛假或誤導性信息的處罰會很重。我確認以上年份沒有收入/收入低於免稅額,因此不需要提交報稅表。我授權 ELTAX 提交我的納稅申報表.

By submitting this form, I am accepting all the terms and conditions as stated by ELTAX Accountants.
本人已詳細閱讀並且了解ELTAX Accountants 的所有 使用條款和退款細則

Payment Section 付款

*Note: There will be AUD$10 administrative charge will be incurred for bank transfers.
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