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DASP Application

The application fee will be determined based on your superannuation balance. Should your superannuation balance exceed the amount you have declared, we will contact you to discuss the difference in fees, which will be non-refundable. During the application process, additional charges may be incurred, including fees for notarization of documents overseas, postage fees, and document translation fees.
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Superannuation Refund Terms and Conditions

  • The applicable tax rate for individuals holding student visas shall be 35%, and for individuals holding Working Holiday visas (either currently or in the past), the rate shall be 65%. These tax rates are also applicable to all superannuation refund claims.
  • The timeframe for processing superannuation refunds is estimated to range from two to nine months, contingent upon various factors including, but not limited to, the superannuation provider's processing capabilities, the validity of the applicant's visa, the congruence of account details, among others. The firm commits to providing continuous assistance and follow-up until the refund has been successfully processed and received by the client.
  • Throughout the application process, clients are obliged to regularly monitor their email accounts for any correspondence from the superannuation provider and to promptly communicate any such correspondence to the firm for further action.
  • Discrepancies between the name on the superannuation account and the passport may result in processing delays or outright refusal of the refund by the superannuation provider. It is incumbent upon the client to ensure that all personal identification information is accurately reflected in their superannuation account records.
  • Clients anticipating the deposit of final superannuation contributions by their employer are required to notify the firm to defer the application process. It should be noted that once a superannuation refund application is initiated, the associated account will be closed, precluding the possibility of additional deposits from the employer.
  • In instances where documentation provided is in a language other than English, the superannuation provider may mandate the submission of translated documents, the cost of which shall be borne by the client.
  • Upon submission of the application form, clients must specify their preferred method of refund. It is important to acknowledge that certain superannuation providers may restrict refund disbursements to a singular method, such as the issuance of a mailed cheque.
  • Clients must ensure that their bank account remains active, that the name on the account aligns with the name on their passport, and that they possess the necessary access to receive refunds.
  • Clients receiving a cheque are advised to deposit it at their banking institution forthwith to avoid forfeiture of the refund due to the cheque's expiration.
  • Subsequent to the application submission, should the superannuation provider deny the refund on the grounds of incomplete or insufficient documentation, please be advised that the administrative fee rendered for the submission of the application is non-refundable.

By submitting this form, I am accepting all the terms and conditions as stated by ELTAX Accountants.

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