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ELTAX Mobile App: What We Delivered

Our mobile app offers the following features:
  • Tax Refund Calculator – to provide free tax estimates
  • Tax Return Applications – to provide mobile tax return services to facilitate people living in remote areas or overseas to complete the tax returns.
  • Company Accounting Section – Company setup and registration, Financial Reporting and Company Tax information
  • Superannuation Refunds – for backpackers / working holiday customers, providing easy and clear process to refund their superannuation.
The application provides contact information, as well as links to our ELTAX website and ELTAX Facebook page.
Our software is now available on Apple App Store (iOS11+) supporting iPhone and iPad. For Android customers, this is also available on Google Play (Pie 9+).


Apple App Store Download (iOS 11+):


Google Play (Pie 9+):

ELTAX mobile app – Main Menu

On downloading the application, you will see the main menu below:

There are five options from our main menu:

  • Tax Estimate Calculator
  • Online Tax Application with ability to attach payslips and receipts via camera
  • Tax information
  • Superannuation Refund information and application
  • ELTAX contact information

On the bottom right contains a link to the ELTAX website as well as link to ELTAX Facebook page.


ELTAX Tax Estimate Calculator

Tax estimate calculator provide free tax estimation services to our customers:

Please fill out the information (income, expenditure, remote areas, etc.) in the tax return calculator section, and then press the green [Calculate] button to view the estimate.

After viewing the estimate, the user can press the red [Start Tax Return] button to begin the tax return application process.



ELTAX Tax Return Application

Simplify mobile tax applications, utilizing camera to capture payslips and receipts. The following is the tax return application process:


 arrow arrowarrow arrow  arrowarrow

On Step 4 – Attach Files page, users have the option to take a picture or upload a photo from your phone. If you have a lot of files, please email us at info@eltax.com.au and state your name and TFN so our staffs can match to your account.

Please note that this application requires connection to the Internet, please ensure that the phone or tablet has internet connection before the tax return process begins. If you are not connected to the Internet or encounter upload problems, we recommend contacting the network provider to troubleshoot on network connections. If you have any tax related questions please contact us, our accountants are happy to assist.


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